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Deep Roots in Australia’s
Wine Industry

With decades of combined experience maintaining tractors, grape harvesters, and other agricultural equipment, we understand the highly specific pain points of those working in the wine industry. To address the need for high-quality grape harvester parts at affordable prices, we launched GHParts in 2017. Thanks to the ongoing success of this venture, our next step was to develop the marketplace you’re currently exploring. 

The Wine Industry Marketplace is an online sales platform run by a team that cares about delivering a quality experience to our fellow wine industry specialists. We do this by providing a secure and convenient solution for buying and selling wine machinery and equipment. By working with our industry-specific marketplace, you cut away the clutter of generalised sales platforms and, instead, connect directly with the right buyers and sellers. 

The Wine Industry Marketplace Mission

Our mission is to give those working in the wine industry a smooth and efficient machinery trading journey. To do this, we deliver a secure and easy-to-use platform that connects you directly to your fellow wine industry specialists. Whether you’re joining us as a buyer or seller, our goal is to help you secure an excellent outcome. 

By facilitating the trade of wine equipment, we also aim to give the machines that serve us a long and fruitful life before it’s time for them to hang up their sprockets for good.

The Easy Way to Buy & Sell Wine Machinery & Equipment

Whether you’re a wine grower or farm equipment dealer, the Wine Industry Marketplace is the ideal place to trade industry-specific equipment. 


Find the right machine for the job with our searchable listings. Browse the categories or use our search tools to hunt for precisely the machine you need.


Ready to part ways with a piece of equipment? Follow the simple, step-by-step instructions to register with the Wine Industry Marketplace and post your listing.

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